About the Artist

JC was raised in a musical family.  From a young age he was exposed to classical piano, as well as 60's rock and folk. At age 5 he had formal training in piano and had already been singing for several years.  By 15 he was playing as a solo artist with orchestra's, and continued his training at Baldwin-Wallace College, and the Cleveland Institute of Music. During the course of graduate studies, he decided to break away from the classical mold and pursue a career in popular music. He picked up the guitar and learned by ear, while playing in Auralis, a three piece band based in Cleveland.  The band broke up and JC found himself moving to Denver, and hooking up with the band Crimson Sky, which eventually became FalleN. 
Currently JC is playing as a solo artist and has performed at various venues including
the KCBO Rock Stage at A Taste Of Colorado in the summer of 2015. JC also teaches music privately on guitar, piano, vocals, bass, and drums.
Influences include Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Greenday, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, and Muse.